Selasa, 30 Jun 2015

Early limited invitation to the simplest Instagram video editing app


I saw the beautiful pictures you posted on Instagram, and decided to send you an e-mail! I am Kaz, the CEO of VIBBIDI, the simplest Instagram video editing app. 

The official app release is planned for early September, however, starting this month, we are sending early invitations to those who are posting stunning images on IG that match our concept. We aim to create a platform to gather gorgeous videos from all over the world, as such, we highly value the quality of our initial users and we are sending invitations only to the carefully selected individuals. We would like to have those who take beautiful images, like yourself, to join our initial community! 

VIBBIDI allows you to easily edit stunning videos like below, and is a perfect app for uploading on Instagram. Many influencers, from over 80 countries, are already participating, and getting inspirations from the videos on VIBBIDI.

Please download the app from here. The app will be available free of charge, even after the official release. Please give it a try! 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or suggestions. I hope you will enjoy the breathtaking videos on VIBBIDI! 

Happy editing,