Khamis, 9 Julai 2015

alkesah....ISU DUIT RAYA~ Pucuk pangkal hati, tepuk poket tebal ke nipis....

salam Khamis u ols....
tetibe semangat pagi2 ni dok update BLOG~
isu duit raya~ mcm x lengkap plak raya tanpa duit raya!

"Is RM1.00 too little an amount to put in a Duit Raya packet these days?"
Someone asked me earlier.
Sometimes I'm left to wonder, why do you even ask. Are you so afraid of denting your reputation, that people will label you as a cheapskate? Kedekut? Kena jaga imej?
Some people pulak, though they don't make much, tapi nak "leave an impression" punye pasal, sanggup bagi beyond their means, and put in more than they can afford, sampai rumah anak bini punye expenses pun sangkut sebulan.

Then, in a heated argument, husband-wife pun boleh gaduh and mengungkit "Eh please, you ingat Duit Raya semua tu sapa yang put aside?? Duit saya tau!" Is it even worth it to cause such tensions.
Duit Raya is not meant to menyusahkan kita as pemberi. Don't go overboard in the name of 'jaga imej', and risk compromising on what's meant to be a joyous occasion.
And to those receiving, why judge a person based on how much he puts in a green packet? He's not obligated to give in the first place. He gives because he wants to, because he can, NOT because he must. His zakat fitrah is a must. Giving duit raya to you isn't. Besides, you don't know his commitments and expenses, or what he's saving up for. Tak payahlah buruk sangka.
"He'elleh. Singgit je!"
Just those words alone may land you your first dosa on Aidilfitri morning.
"Is RM1.00 too little an amount to put in a Duit Raya packet these days?"
No. It isn't. And it never will be.

Because as long as it's ikhlas, it suffices.

Those of you who weigh how much's in the packet with the current economy, how much you think the giver makes a month, and what you can possibly do (or can't do) with that amount, you are just plain judgmental and ungrateful. Best you give it back, and let him give it to someone else who'll receive it with two hands extended in gratitude, and the words "Alhamdulillah" and "Terima Kasih" coming out from their mouths.